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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tsunade PersOnality


Tsunade typically projects a tough demeanour,
even when facing great personal difficulty. She
readily criticizes others for their faults, such as Naruto for his immaturity, or Jiraiya for his perversion, though her habits are rarely any better.
Tsunade however does show sympathy for others
from time to time, consoling Shikamaru that, while he failed his mission to return Sasuke to Konoha, all of his team-mates survived. This is also shown
when she worked hard in order to help heal Rock Lee, so that he might continue to be a ninja. She also allowed herself to cry when she learned of Jiraiya's death, though not in public.

When first introduced, Tsunade is cynical of
anyone with dreams, especially those who want
to become Hokage. After meeting Naruto she
realizes that this cynicism is insulting to the
memories of Dan and Nawaki. She has a change of
heart, puts her faith in Naruto, and takes on the mantle of Hokage herself, carrying on the dreams
of Dan and Nawaki. As Hokage, Tsunade has
shown the same level of loyalty to the village that
previous Hokage held; during the invasion of Pain, she released all of her chakra in order to save the lives of thousands of people within
Konoha, at great personal risk. Tsunade also has a great deal of faith in the next
generation, and sees the potential that Naruto and the rest of the Konoha 11 hold.

Tsunade is also a compulsive gambler, who has the unfortunate disadvantage of having
terrible luck. As a result, she has been elevated to a comical status as "The Legendary
Sucker" (伝説のカモ, Densetsu no Kamo) because of the gross profits others have made off of her misfortune and gambling addiction. In the rare instances that Tsunade hits a
winning streak, she believes it to be a bad omen, and bad things do tend to happen to
her or her comrades afterwards. The symbol on the back of her coat, 賭 (kake), means "gamble", or "wager", as gambling is one of her favourite pastimes.

In life-threatening or important situations that involve putting someone she cares for in
danger, she tends to get angry with people who disagree with her plan, such as the
restrictions the Konoha Elders put on Naruto, or the argument on whether Naruto and
Killer Bee should participate in the Fourth Shinobi World War, even calling Gaara a "little
punk" when he disagreed with her.

When she caught Jiraiya peeping on her while she was in the hot springs, she
proceeded to break both of his arms, six of his ribs and ruptured several internal organs
as a punishment for being a pervert. Ever since then, Jiraiya has been very careful to
suppress his perverted ways around Tsunade. Jiraiya mentions that this is one of the
two times he has ever been close to death.

Despite the fact that Tsunade shuns all of Jiraiya's romantic advances throughout most
of the storyline, she still considered him her friend despite his nature. While he is in Amegakure investigating Pain, she bets that he will die so that her terrible luck will ensure he survives. When she finds out he has died, she thinks back on their time
together and cries for the loss of her good friend. She is now the last of the Sannin.

Tsunade took Shizune as an apprentice and trusts her greatly. In fact, Shizune is one of the few people Tsunade trusts with absolute certainty. Tsunade also owns a pet pig, Tonton which she leaves mostly to Shizune's care. Beneath all of this tough exterior is a woman that truly loves her village and its people.

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