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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baca Manga Naruto 540 Online


COVER TEXT: ATTACK Neji from the shadows .. BUT WHY ..!!!



Terror spread throughout the Medical Corps

Baca Manga Naruto 540 Bahasa Indonesia

In tent No. 3, the figure of a man who falls in love pd still being berbincang2 with sakura sakura, was dluar Neji comes close to the tent trsebut,

"... Well, certainly rude to ask you to say who the other guy .. So I think, I'm back just ... "said the man trsebut SMBIL holding his head and smiled sweetly.

"I'm sorry .." Sakura said.

"May suitable dgnmu, he must be a man who benar2 great until you fall in love with him ..!!" bs man said again.

"...." Shut down sakura sasuke remember the face.

"Ouch ..." groaned the man who still feels the pain of his left hand yg pd dperban then stepped out of the tent.

(Figure Neji looks closer peek and started coming back sakura dr)

Sakura Neji holding Shoulders,

"You're okay ..." said Neji.

"Neji-SAN .." Sakura answered, without the suspicion with which Neji oddity.

"I'm ill blame krn you feel confused .. When we do not know seorg invisible enemy who are among us .. "Neji said convincingly.

"Well we need to stay alert ..?" Replied Sakura.

"Of course Only .." Said Neji with Rada said suspicious.

Baca Manga Naruto 540 Bahasa Indonesia

Switch Scan dsuatu place where Nagato & Itachi are berbincang2 above a statue of a distinguished bentukx like lions.

"But why ..? Why are users of this jutsu to make us away to face the enemy ill ..? What he plans to use the technique ilusimu ill .. "Nagato said.

"At night, the battlefield became calm, and the battles leading to the appearance of the Underlying .. Madara must have a reason to move us like this, from the pd break the silence .. "said the itachi explanation.

"Now with new allies Madara had mastered the technique EDO Tensei .. And Madara would have to have a plan for this battle, so he's very confident .. "says Nagato.

"TRUE .." Itachi replied.

While It is most Reconnaissance Division, seen Neji was lying still was with Kiba, (this wah2 original Neji turned out?-By fb by: Yusril Ahmat)

"You sure do not want to go to the medical tent ..? "Asked Kiba.

"Yes Kiba, have a couple of times I tell you that if I just baik2 .." Answer Neji.

"You up to fall so because of excessive use Byakugan it does not look good for me .. Killing Yourself like this, it will not impress anyone .. "says Kiba.

(Akamaru also seen close to Neji, while mengendus2 and remove noise).

"Shut up Kiba .." shouted Neji called Akamaru bgtu.

"You're too messy, non-bs sampai2 you distinguish which one of Man where the dog .. and the vision should be andalanmu .. "Kiba kesel With seremx facial expression .. xixixi.

And not far from it where Hinata & Shino trnyata pairs in 1 team brsama hundreds Member Shinobi warriors behind him.

"I have to work harder when Kak Rest Neji .." thought Hinata who is being stalked.

"You do not push yourself too Hinata, remember, penghancurku insects also spread all over the place .." Shino said.

"Thank you Shino-KUN, tp I want to do the best job I'm doing .. yg bs (Hinata thought of Naruto), We fought in this war to protect NARUTO-KUN .. Failure is not a choice .. "She said.

Back Dimarkas tempatx Medical Team in tents no.3 where Neji and Sakura are Chatting.

"Oh yes sakura, where Captain Shizune ..?" Asked Neji.

"Huh, did you not know.?" Responsive Sakura.

"A little .. I think it would be better if I tell him what I had I found, though trivial .. Until we find the perp .. "Neji said.

"Well, I think he's in tent B-2, he is currently Joint TON-TON, he was bandaged leg injured Watch Yg .." Answer Explanations Sakura.

"Better than an injured hand who, what he's capable of fighting back .." asked Neji.

Start sakura "....?!" suspicious.

"I think also bgtu .. His hands were not apa2, at least he still can make the seal .. "Answer Sakura with His smile.

"Thank God ..??" Neji said.

Baca Manga Naruto Bahasa Indonesia

"By the way, if you can check my hand again, SAKURA .. I still feel the pain ..?!" Neji who pleaded suspicious as he put his hand in his weapons disaku dpundaknya.

"All right .. Sit down .. "said pura2 gk SAKURA responded with suspicion.

* SHINKK .. A kunai weapon dkeluarkan Neji, and Sakura Attack directly.

Tp what Neji say this one lost in the moving speed, Sakura quickly jumped away, and only once with a direct blow to Neji's back ground was hit and fell down ..

"B-how can you know .." Neji said fake (who turns out to be Zetsu WHITE distinguished expert in disguise).

"PIG CHILDREN DO NOT HAVE HANDS ..!!" Sakura Answer With emotion.

(Neji trlihat his false start turned into a white Zetsu said, remember the words of the cherry before. "No apa2 he still could make the seal ..")

"What it is A pig watch ...?" he asked Pets

"He tricked me ..!" Thought the Zetsu who throw blood * GHAAGH!! ..

Without another thought sakura again attacked with punches,

"You're SO OUR EYE-EYE .. "Said Sakura While slamming his shot towards Zetsu.

Tent Places sakura was a great shock krn punch. And Seseorg medical team who came ketenda it was Surprised.

"WHOOOOAHHHH ..!?" admiration.

"How are you able to mimic Neji Chakra ..!? Explain yourself and tehnikmu or I'll beat you again ..? "Asked SAKURA who are above it.

"Perubahanku Technics is the best in the world, and maybe not me alone who managed to infiltrate here .." said White Zetsu.

"If the report of captain Yamato right ..." thought Sakura would remember something and then rolls Yamato mail message ..:

"It says .. Kisame Hoshigaki-CLONING Parasites who appeared had been killed by Raikage & Killer Bee, tp actually used the technique Replacement For swap him with a CLONING OF PARASITES who has transformed into a perfect duplication including chakra. AKATSUKI-Zetsu--Yg appear at the meeting tiba2 5 Kage, have the power to drain chakra that .. "she thought.

"With the changes .. Of course .. "

".. So you drain chakra with your adversary, you combine it with technical changes to Transform yourself into an exact duplicate reply .." Said SAKURA.

"He is smart .. Maybe yes, maybe not .. "Said Zetsu yg tk helpless white (turns white Zetsu dpertarungan never suck her chakra Neji jd bs brubah form just as Neji with the same disc Yusril said hehe).

"Impersonation perfect or not, you are a big liar ..?!" SAKURA words.

Two medical ninja org entered and came over,

".. What happened?!" Asked jounin Medical.

"Yes, we heard the guards shout ..!!" Medical Ninja said.

"Who's Medical Jounin ..!!" Tanya again.

"I have to contact the headquarters of the Great Right now, you both Take care of this man .." SAKURA Response.

In the medical tent B-2 trlihat Shizune Wound Care Watch.

"You're too bnyak transporting wood coffin Watch ...!!" Shizune said.

Watch also said "oink ...!?"

Baca Manga Naruto 540 Bahasa Indonesia

Being placed Guards, 2 Shinobi was out and cool to pee Small dpinggiran River.

"Remove all friends, we will replace the guard then ..!" Asked Ninja Guards 1.

".. I kicked your ass later, Look how big my gun" Ninja Answer Guard 2.

"The size of Weapons, Huh .." Strange Ninja guard 1.

And from behind their seseorg ninja came closer.

"Hey Tetsu .. It's better now you're also wasting water hose, you still have a chance this will be the night For a long reply ..? "The guard asked two distinguished Ninja see who comes.

"And jgn stand dbelakangku, you made me scared and nervous .." said the ninja Penjaga1.

"Why do not we see how much blood that will remove it .. You guys," said Tetsu taking out a kunai ..

"APAAAA ..." said the two guards trsebut shocked. With two guards trsebut instantly killed.

Switch to the headquarters of the Alliance Shinobi.

"One again, we get reports that some have dibunui org .. And that caused all the chaos, we can not find the presence of the enemy .. "said Inoichi Info.

"What is trjadi .. There are no signs of any snake attacks, we have made parimeter defense and also the ability to censor, we are ill bs tp find them .. Maybe it was poison .. It looks like what his body .. "Shikaku said.

"They all have external wounds .. This physical attack .. "Answer Inoichi.

"Chances are those we org2 bs control by using the illusion .. Itachi .. "Said Shikaku.

"Only Uchiha Itachi who took over Seseorg bs from outside our sensor distance, he would not have bs tp bgtu control many org Dlm many places on a wide range sbuah place .." Response AO.

Back Inoichi receive info telepathic signals.

"Wait, we got a new report from the Medical Corps .. The enemy is the White Zetsu distorted menjdi We duplicate the ninja, they are the original CLONING who have Cakra ..!!" he said.

"What should we do SHIKAKU? Not only us, we not know the difference between friends and enemies .. Tp we also can not prepare for battle tomorrow, if we are ill bs think of a way to sniff out the enemy, then we will lose more and more throughout the night .. org Worst problem we will see our own troops would kill each other .. "said the AO.

"So this is Zetsu Skill, All the fighting during the day they prepared for tonight .. It is their goal .. "said Mabui.

Shikaku started thinking ..

"Calm self control, analysis of the situation .. In Rational there must be a way .. Analyze .. Given all the information you store in your head to prepare for this war .. Bs find something you use to make strategy a reply .. Chill the head .. Focus .. Chill the head .. Concentrate the mind .. "jd Shikaku think he closed his eyes in a cold sweat to find a solution ..

(Katsuyu didekatx Tsunade who was watching in silence ....)

Scan switch keperjalanan NARUTO AND KILLER BEE toward the center of the war ..

naruto again begin to feel what happened dsuasana War area,

"What .." asked Bee ..

"What .. A lot of panic in all places org yg ...??" said Naruto.

Org Tiba2 two appear dhadapannya, Bee And Naruto was surprised to be tough anyone who appears ..

"WHOAA ..!!" Guman Naruto.

"Grandma ...?!" he said.

"Oh .. NO .. bra .." Bee open-eyed admiration.

"BEEEEEEE ...!!! How dare you stare at your chest hokage Like this .. "snapped Raikage Ai.

"N-no .. I meant to say 'brother' and stumble Go to 'T'...?! Tp because you mention it, I'm sure Hokage is a .. "E" ..? "Said Bee Bertanya2.

"We are here to stop this .. You two go further off-again .. "Kat Raikage.

GENERAL FORCES, MEN WITH MONSTER WITH CAKRA YG comparable tailed blocked the road ...

Baca Manga Naruto 540 Bahasa Indonesia


Chapter 541 continued on the next.

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