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Monday, May 30, 2011

Madara Uchiha's Appearance


Originally Madara's appearance bears long, spiky shoulder-length black
hair with a blue tint. Unlike Izuna, Madara did not keep it tied in a ponytail.
He also wore the standard Uchiha clan's outfit: a high collared black shirt
with the clan's crest on his upper back and blue pants with bandages at
the ends, though Madara tends to leave the collar of his shirt open. On his
waist, he had a bandage belt that held a sack that presumably holds ninja tools.

Upon declaring truce with the Senju clan and founding Konohagakure,
Madara had let his hair grow even longer, to nearly waist-length. He also
wore the village's forehead protector, and red armour, similar in appearance to those worn by the samurai and the Senju. Upon defection, he seems to have discarded the forehead protector.

Over the years, Madara has adopted the new appearance of Tobi: covering
his appearance with various masks, cutting his hair shorter and letting it
grow out again. However, when the mask is taken off, it can be assumed
that his face has grown wrinkled with age, as might be noted from his
pronounced under-eye bags and creases. Until his fight with Konan,
Madara's left eye had not been seen. Under his mask, he appears to have bandages on his forehead as well as having a Sharingan in his left eye
until losing it to Izanagi during his fight with Konan, which was removed and replaced
with one of Nagato's Rinnegan eyes. Under his Akatsuki cloak, he wears a black long-
sleeve top that also covers his neck and chin, a pair of black gloves, and a pair of dark
blueish/black pants along with the standard Akatsuki shoes and white stirrups. On his
waist, he wears a thick black belt with armour-like metal plates attached to it. Before revealing his true identity, he wore Sasori's ring on his left thumb.

After his fight with Konan, Madara changed his appearance once again. His mask changed to a light purple one that covers the entire upper-half of his head with a design
that more resembles the Ten-Tailed Beast's single eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the centre, two of which make out the mask's eye holes. He also
returned to wearing his Uchiha robes complete with the Uchiha crest on its back, belt
sash, gloves and a purple bandanna that tapers off down to his back, as well as
wielding his war fan, which has switched from an orange colour to a light purple.

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