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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kakashi hAtake's AppeaRance


Kakashi has always been seen with the usual Konoha ninja
clothes, and sports iron gloves from his ANBU days. During the
Kakashi Gaiden, he is seen with a black T-shirt with white stripes
in the middle of the sleeves. On his arms he wears black sleeves
(which he presumably cut out from his shirt) with metal arm
protectors over them. He also has leather straps around his back and chest, and his family's White Light Chakra Sabre is kept in a small holder out in the back. He also wore pants similar to the
ones he wears today. He appears to wear the same type of outfit
as a child (as seen in a flashback). However, in another flashback
he is shown wearing a sleeveless black shirt similar to one he
sometimes wears as an adult. This type of shirt is presumably for
casual wear.

Kakashi's personality is further emphasized by his generally lazy
expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude.
In serious situations, however, he is shown to have a very stern and intense look. The
cover page for chapter 16 also shows him wearing a chain necklace. Another noticeable
feature to Kakashi, other than his unique left eye, is the thin scar running over it and
down to his cheek. He is a tall, fit ninja, is characterized by his tall and spiky white hair, forehead protector regularly covering his scarred left eye, and his chronically visible
mask. He was once mistaken by Chiyo for his father Sakumo Hatake, who he is considered to greatly resemble.

While it has yet to be revealed why, he has, since a young age, always been seen
concealing the lower half of his face. What he looks like remains a point of interest for
his students, who try to find out what he looks like in various omake specials in the
series. Episode 101 is devoted to Team 7 trying to remove their sensei's mask, and suggests that he is in fact very handsome, as seen from Teuchi and Ayame 's reaction to seeing his face. In the few instances that he is seen without his mask, it has been seen
that he has a narrow jaw-line; in these instances the parts of his face normally covered
by his mask are obstructed from view.

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