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Monday, May 30, 2011

Madara Uchiha's PersonAlity


Compared to his Tobi personality, Madara's true personality is considerably calmer and
much more serious, but he still has a habit of joking around and disrespecting those
around him. Despite his current limitations in battle, he is extremely arrogant, insulting
even the strongest ninja and treating Akatsuki members as mere tools. During his duel
with Konan, he looked down on her abilities as a ninja and showed some degree of contempt for her, until she destroyed his right arm and caused some injury to him.
While speaking derogatorily about Pain, he still recognized his power as the strongest in
Akatsuki and for possessing the Rinnegan. There are only a handful of exceptions that he admires, the most prominent being Hashirama Senju, whom he also despised the
most. Despite his arrogance, he isn't above praising his enemies, like Kakashi for his speed or Minato for being able to wound him. However, he is fast to return to his egotistical persona, as he claimed to Konan that it was he who truly won the battle
against Hashirama Senju, by "looking at the future". Madara was also not above trying
to harm an infant Naruto in order to get the upper hand against Minato.

Madara has shown great ability in manipulating others to do his work for him. Minato
believed that he was using Pain's ideology against him in order to control him. He was
also able to turn Kisame into one of his most loyal followers under the promise that he
would release him from his pain by creating a "world without lies". He similarly
befriended Sasuke in order to get him to join Akatsuki by telling him about Itachi's past, even though he has an apparent interest in Sasuke and his abilities; in this case, Madara
admitted that he took a gamble, as Sasuke may have chosen to follow Itachi's wish and
returned to Konoha peacefully. He appears to have a somewhat twisted outlook with
respect to this, often avoiding responsibility by claiming that people acted voluntarily
when they were really coerced or manipulated by him.

Madara has set his goals in getting Sasuke on his side to serve Akatsuki's goals. As such,
he was pleased that when Itachi died, no one would be able to prevent him from telling
Sasuke the truth of the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Madara expressed disappointment when
Sasuke failed to retrieve the real Killer Bee, and was worried that he may not be easy to control. He even threatened to kill Sasuke and his entire team if they ever dare betray him and Akatsuki. However, whenever Sasuke enters deeper into the darkness of
revenge, Madara shows delight, the most prominent being when Sasuke's hatred fully
develops Susanoo, and when he sacrificed Karin to pierce Danzō's heart. Despite this, Madara claims to A and Kabuto Yakushi that he is willing to hand Sasuke over to them, should the situation be right.

Madara possesses an extreme hatred towards the Senju clan and the Senju-led
Konohagakure, as he is a descendant of the elder brother who was passed over being the successor of the Sage of the Six Paths. This hatred was compounded when the village chose Hashirama Senju to be Hokage over him. Madara admired Hashirama the
most for his power, but still hated him. This hatred led Madara to a life dedicated to
revenge. Madara believes that all Uchiha are destined to walk the same path of revenge against the Senju and Konohagakure, and that Naruto, who has inherited the Senju's Will of Fire, is fated to battle Sasuke, who has inherited the Uchiha's hatred, even if Madara himself must force them to do so. Madara also seems to admire the Sage of the Six Paths,
or at least just his power as he has gone to extreme lengths to obtain the Rinnegan, the Ten-Tailed Beast, and the powers of the Senju clan producing Izanagi, and has been planning decades in advance to achieve these goals.

Despite his calm and intelligence, Madara has shown a habit of taking very risky
gambles to advance his plans, such as revealing Itachi's wishes and his own
involvement in the Uchiha clan massacre to Sasuke, sending him to fight against the five
Kage, involving himself with the equally dangerous Kabuto and even attempting to complete his Eye of the Moon Plan despite not having the full chakra of the Eight and

Madara seems to enjoy sitting down and taking his time with things, especially when
telling stories, just like he told Itachi's story to Sasuke and his Eye of the Moon Plan to the Kage and the samurai.

Since the start of his battle with Konan, Madara has become noticeably more aggressive
and sadistic. Going so far as to kill Fū as a sacrifice for Summoning: Impure World Resurrection to revive Torune to test out Kabuto's abilities, as well as threatening to kill Kabuto should he betray him.

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