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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boys Be... Quotes

BOYS BE... Quotes and SAYINGS
*In the autumn it is said that the reason why leaves fall down from the branch is to
make way for new leaves to grow. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there
will always be new sprouts in the spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is
something similar to that.
(Boys Be...)

*Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent, Your heart
can always return to your unforgettable past. Together with your own scenery that
will never fade.
(Boys Be...)

*There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never
happen in reality. But as you fall in love, reality becomes a wonderful story better
than any novel. Quote is associated with Episode 3: After Kiss
(Boys Be...)

*No one can stop the flow of time. But a moment captured in the frame of the heart
will never disappear. That will be shown at the bottom of their hearts, and will
always give off a great feeling. Sweet...and bitter. Quote is associated to episode 4
Early Summer Chapter, Episode 1: Bittersweet Rain.
(Boys Be...)

*Not many people know when love really starts... More than a friend, but not quite
lovers. A delicate relationship like this changes gradually once it is noticed, and keeps
on blossoming, Just like the changing seasons. Quote is associated to Episode 6
Summer Chapter, Episode 2: Baseball Lovers.
(Boys Be...)

*All sound has died out, and the cold, dark night fills the room. Unable to get to sleep,
holding on to the covers. Suddenly, that's when it strikes, as if your chest is being
squeezed and wanted to cry. A painful and uneasy feeling. From the depths of the
heart, a thing called "loneliness" will come Episode 10 Autumn Chapter Episode 3:
Solitary Cross.
(Boys Be...)

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