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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sakura Haruno's PersOnality


At the start of the series, Sakura had a deep
infatuation for Sasuke Uchiha, rooted primarily in his good looks, cunning, cool attitude, and
prodigious talents. For that reason, many of
Sakura's early appearances are dedicated to her
continuing efforts to win his affection. As the story
progresses, she begins to recognize that Sasuke is
a real person with imperfections, and develops a more sincere desire to be there for him and later
fell in love with him. Sakura also becomes
concerned that Sasuke will someday abandon her
and the rest of Konoha in his quest for power.
When her fears come true at the end of Part I,
Sakura does all that she can to stop Sasuke from leaving, such as professing her love for him and
offering to join him. Despite thanking her and
sounding grateful, Sasuke knocks Sakura
unconscious and leaves the village.

Since then, Sakura has made her personal goal to
bring Sasuke home, which becomes a recurring
component of her role in Part II. Although she still
worries about his well-being, Sakura is willing to
attack him if it means returning him to Konoha. As
time goes on and Sasuke becomes an increasingly more dangerous criminal, Sakura recognizes that
Sasuke must be stopped at all costs. Later on she
tells Naruto that she no longer has any feelings for
Sasuke since he just keeps breaking her heart.
However, her teammate Sai suspects she is still in
love with Sasuke and that she wants to kill him so that he does not sink any lower. [6] Upon meeting Sasuke once again, Sakura becomes upset by how
corrupted Sasuke has become and tries to kill him.
She ultimately cannot bring herself to do so, being
brought to tears as she started remembering all
they went through together as members of Team
7. She has since come to accept that Naruto is the only one who can do anything about Sasuke. Even
after Sasuke tried to kill her twice from before,
Sakura has shown that she's still in love with
Sasuke and was saddened by what he had

Sakura's relationship with Naruto Uzumaki, like with Sasuke, also changes throughout the series.
When first teamed up together, Sakura viewed
Naruto as a talentless idiot who deliberately tried
to ruin her life, the result of Naruto's efforts to win
her heart interfering with her similar efforts with
Sasuke. However, as the story progresses and Naruto continuously shows his worth as a ninja as
well as his dedication to his team-mates, Sakura realises that her
initial perceptions of him were wrong. After the Chūnin Exams and missions, Sakura realises that Naruto is getting stronger and
envies him, so she decides to train harder. After Sasuke defected
from Konoha, Sakura pleads to Naruto, believing him to be the
only one capable of bringing Sasuke back. When Naruto promises
to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, Sakura realises just how
committed Naruto is to her happiness, and how he has always been there for her. However, Naruto fails and is left in the hospital
after losing to Sasuke, though he vows to someday fulfil the
promise he made to her. Realising the lengths Naruto will go to
for her, and inspired by his determination, Sakura spends the
next three years training with Tsunade so that in the future she can join Naruto in his quest to bring Sasuke back.

In Part II, Sakura learns of the various hardships Naruto faces: the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and Akatsuki .[7] Saddened by the impact both forces have had on his life, Sakura becomes protective of Naruto and tries to do whatever she can to help him overcome
these obstacles. Sakura begins to empathize with Naruto, and develops a deep
friendship with him, due to their spending a lot of time together. Later, Sai explains to her just how deep Naruto's love for her truly is, and the level of pain that trying to fulfil
his promise has caused, filling Sakura with guilt. After the events of the Five Kage
Summit, she confesses to Naruto that she loves him, no longer caring about Sasuke, and
tries to get him to give up on his promise. However, Naruto does not believe her, and
claims she is lying to herself. Sai later tells Naruto that Sakura's confession was actually
an attempt to release him from his promise, and possibly distract him while she hunts down Sasuke. Despite this, Yamato has suggested that Sakura's feelings for Naruto may be more than just friendship.

Unlike the rest of Team 7, Sakura has not suffered any heavy losses during her childhood. Therefore, Sakura takes for granted things that her team-mates desire, such
as family and friends. She nevertheless tries to be understanding of her team and others,
and does not hesitate to ask if she does not understand something or if it bothers her.


Within Sakura resides "Inner Sakura" (内なるサクラ, Uchi Naru Sakura), a manifestation of her inner emotions. In
addition to comic relief, Inner Sakura represents Sakura's
actual opinion on things when she outwardly displays
something opposite. Inner Sakura's appearances are
typically marked by an exclamation of " Shānnarō!" (しゃー んなろー). The phrase has no literal meaning, but is usually translated as "Hell yeah!", "Hell no!", or "Damn it!",
depending on the situation. The English anime, for
censorship reasons, replaced the aforementioned phrases
with a forceful "Cha!". Inner Sakura is unique as it is in a way a second will within Sakura's mind. When Ino used the Mind Body Switch Technique on her, Inner Sakura was able to repel the user from her body, suggesting that Sakura has a split personality, consisting of the "Inner Sakura" and her normal

Although she appears quite frequently at the start of the series, Inner Sakura all but
disappears midway through Part I, her only other subsequent appearance being at the
start of Part II. Sakura, likewise, now performs the emotional, violent outbursts she once
relied on Inner Sakura for, much to the dismay of those who are around her at the time
(typically Naruto).

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