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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sakura HarunO's AbiliTies


At the start of the series, Sakura's only defining characteristic was her intelligence, as
seen with her consistently high test scores while in the Academy. Because of this,
Sakura has a keen talent for observation and analysing, which she can use to overcome
most forms of deception. Moreover, in the first phase of the Chūnin Exams, Sakura was able to answer all the questions on the paper test quickly, even though the examiner Ibiki Morino later commented that this feat could not be accomplished by a genin. However, Sakura's focus on her studies in the Academy greatly affected her physical
performance; her poor combat skills and stamina prevented her from being very helpful
during the earlier battles in the series.

After two-and-a-half years of training with Tsunade, Sakura's abilities have increased to the point that she could hold her own against powerful enemies such as Sasori. Her skills in other areas have also increased, such as being able to locate Kakashi during the
second bell test - something Naruto could not do - as well as tricking Sai, Kiba, and Lee
into fighting each other so that she put them all to sleep. She similarly becomes more
durable, as she is able to survive an exploding tag at close range while surrounded by a cloud of poison and still get up afterwards. Sakura has been noted to have a natural affinity for genjutsu, though she has only ever been seen dispelling it

Soon after the start of her first mission, Sakura discovered that she had an excellent
control over her chakra, and as such she had an innate ability to use jutsu to their
maximum efficiency without wasting any chakra. Kakashi pointed out about Sakura,
"The ability to gather chakra from every part of the body and then using it with great
timing. In just that, she's above Sasuke." While this particular ability was never put to
great use in Part I, her chakra control became a focal point of Sakura's fighting style and medical abilities in Part II.

Sakura's natural control of her chakra had been taken to new
heights over the time skip, an ability utilized to its fullest by the
training she had done with Tsunade. With her excellent chakra
control, Sakura had turned into an excellent combat medical-nin, and had shown herself to be able to heal fatal injuries with
relatively little effort, even when more experienced medics would
deem it a lost cause. She also has shown extensive knowledge of poisons and herbal medicine, surpassing even the knowledge of Chiyo. Her knowledge was great enough to withdraw Sasori's advanced poison directly from Kankurō's body, and use that as a base template to create multiple antidotes swiftly afterwards. During her fight with Sasori, she was able to start healing herself even with a poisoned sword still lodged in her abdomen, a feat Sasori remarked at.[13] Tsunade also taught her how to make a powerful sleeping gas. [14] Shizune has been mentioned to have taught Sakura how to make poisonous kunai for battle. [15] At the end of Part I when Tsunade observed Sakura successfully heal a fish with the Mystical Palm Technique, Tsunade remarked that Sakura had come so far, and she hadn't seen such talent since

Although not known for her strength in Part I, Sakura
was still strong enough to knock Ino several meters
backwards with only a single strike during their match in
the Chūnin Exams. In the anime, during a mission to the Land of Tea, she was seen lifting and manoeuvring a very large and thick wooden log.

In Part II, Sakura's taijutsu skills have seen tremendous
growth thanks to Tsunade's training. By building up and
releasing her chakra with precise timing, Sakura could easily decimate any obstacle and turn it to rubble. An opponent struck by her full strength could suffer blunt force trauma resulting in broken bones, ruptured organs, or
even death. Through repeated use, Sakura no longer needs to put any conscious effort
into using this strength and so can use it instantly. Her strength, coupled with her
medical expertise and the beauty she gained over the time skip, had caused many to
see Sakura as a younger version of Tsunade, or even someone who could even surpass
Tsunade. However, while Sakura's strength derives from this technique, Tsunade has been noted to possess incredible raw strength much greater than this ability, and is
enhanced even further to monstrous levels when using it. This strength was great
enough to completely immobilise a White Zetsu, which are extremely durable, with just one blow.

Another key component of Sakura's taijutsu are her evasive skills. As a field medic, she
cannot afford to be gravely injured or killed on the battle field, as drilled into her by
Tsunade when she trained her. Sakura would attempt to read an opponent's fighting
style in order to find the dominant hand/foot or anything that the enemy was using.
With that, she could increase her evasive skill to impressive levels. Sakura was proficient
enough in this that she could figure out Sasori's finger movements and predict his movements of his puppets.[16] Her skill in evasion is so great she can combat one- hundred puppets without even being scratched. Although Chiyo aided Sakura in this occasion, she notes that Sakura didn't really need the help.

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