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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Jiraiya and Tsunade pointed out that, while Naruto physically bears great resemblance to Minato, his personality is almost identical to his
mother. While Naruto is boisterous and relatively
thick, Minato was calm, collected, and highly
perceptive. He also seemed well aware of the
terror his reputation inspired in his foes. He
appeared to be respectful of those around him; he didn't like freely speaking about others' pasts,
and was said to be a very nice person. He deeply
cared for and loved his wife and child, becoming
very nervous because of Kushina's pain during
labour and even shedding tears of joy at his
son's birth. He also enjoyed reading, and took a special liking to reading Jiraiya's work in

Jiraiya said that Minato was a shrewd person,
and was not a man who would do something
without reason. He was very knowledgeable of
the ninja world, concluding that only Madara
Uchiha would have the power or the reason to
have the Nine-Tails attack Konoha during their fight. Minato was known for his unbeatable
determination and unbelievable drive, which he
passed on to his son. In his youth, Minato also
had a desire to be acknowledged by everyone in
the village and to become a great Hokage, again,
a trait passed onto his son. His devotion to the village and his love for his friends inspired all
those around him, and, as a result, he became
well-liked by the villagers. Minato was
nevertheless understanding that Naruto must feel
hurt by the fact that his own father had sealed a
monster inside him.

Minato was a fairly tall fair-skinned man who on
more than one occasion has been compared with
Naruto in terms of physical appearance; both
have bright blue-eyes and spiky blond hair.
Unlike Naruto, Minato had jaw-length bangs
framing either side of his face. According to Jiraiya, Minato was considered to be very
handsome, as many women were infatuated
with him. His normal attire consisted of a
standard Konoha-nin uniform with two bands
each on both of his sleeves, a flak jacket and a forehead protector; after becoming Hokage, he started wearing a short-sleeved long white coat
over his normal attire, decorated by flames-like
motifs on the edges, with the kanji for "Fourth
Hokage" (四代目火影, Yondaime Hokage) written vertically down the back, and closed on the front
by a thin orange rope. In his youth, he wore a
tracksuit with three stripes on the sleeves, mesh
undershirt, dark trousers and dark calf-length

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