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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Like Naruto, Gaara is a little shorter than the average males of his age. He has pale skin and
short, spiky hair that is brick-red. He has green
eyes however; this colour has alternated
somewhat during the series. In a flashback of his
youth his eyes are depicted as light blue but for
the majority of the series they are depicted as being green the pupils of which, are mostly
invisible. Gaara has no distinctive eyebrows
either. He has two very notable traits in his
appearance: firstly, he has tanuki-like black eye
rings, having them since his birth due to
insomnia caused by Shukaku. Secondly, he created the kanji "love" (愛, ai) on the left side of his forehead, having it since Yashamaru's
betrayal. Gaara's forelocks are parted from the
left side, making the kanji more visible. Matsuri and Sari who both seem to have a crush on Gaara, have described him as the strong silent type, elite and very handsome.

In Part I, Gaara has been seen in two different
outfits. When he was seen for the first time, he
wore black full body suit with t-shirt-like sleeves,
¾-length legs, and an open neck. With this, he
wore a white cloth over his right shoulder and
the left side of his hips, and a wide leather band system over the left shoulder and right side of his
hips. With this leather band, he carried around his gourd containing his sand. He also wrapped his forehead protector over the band. In his childhood flashbacks, he was seen wearing
beige poncho-like clothing with full-length blue
trousers and a short-sleeved black t-shirt. In the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, and in the final pre-
Shippūden filler arc, he switched his previous black overalls to a reddish-brownish one with
longer sleeves and an upright collar. He retained
the white cloth, but had mesh armour on his
wrists and ankles. He used this costume in Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel as well. In Part II, battling against Deidara and during the Kage summit, he wore full-length dark trousers, with a pair of laces on each leg, respectively a
few inches below the waist and the knees, a
long-sleeved crimson coat with flaring hemlines
on the front and the back, a grey holster vest
held in place by a single strap over his left
shoulder and by two buckled belts which he uses to carry his gourd. He also wears another
pair of casually worn belts around his waist. He is
also seen wearing Kazekage robes, and a simple black tunic-trousers suit, the latter one greatly
resembling Kankurō's suit, and worn for the memorial of Elder Chiyo. All the time, he has been seen wearing Sunagakure's standard shinobi
sandals. As the Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces, he added his village's flak jacket to his standard outfit.

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