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Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Gaara is the son of the Fourth Kazekage, and the younger brother of Temari and Kankurō. Before Gaara's birth, his father ordered Chiyo to seal the One-Tailed Shukaku within him, in hopes that Gaara would become the ultimate weapon for Sunagakure. Because a human sacrifice was needed, Gaara's mother, Karura, was used. Before she died, she cursed Sunagakure, hoping Gaara
would avenge her death. Gaara was trained by
his father, but raised mainly by his maternal
uncle, Yashamaru.

Because of the power of Shukaku, the villagers of
Suna hated and feared Gaara. Seeing him only for
the monster sealed within him, for a time,
Yashamaru seemed to be the only person who
cared about Gaara. When Gaara would
mistakenly harm others due to the subconscious abilities granted to him by Shukaku, Yashamaru
would be the only one who understood that
Gaara hadn't intended to harm anyone. Gaara's
father, however, did not see Gaara in the same
light, and viewed Gaara's frequent attacks upon
villagers as a result of a failed experiment that was a threat to Suna.

Because of the danger Gaara imposed, his father
began sending assassins to kill him, though
when all attempts were met with failure, the
Kazekage requested Yashamaru to kill Gaara. As a
result, Yashamaru tried to assassinate Gaara, only
to fail just as those before him. Gaara dealt a lethal blow to him. But when Gaara realised that it was
Yashamaru, he was horrified, and screamed,
before bursting into tears. Although Gaara tried
to dismiss Yashamaru's attack as an order of the
Kazekage, Yashamaru corrected him, by saying
that he had willingly accepted the mission. Having never truly loved Gaara, Yashamaru
hoped that killing Gaara would avenge the death
of his sister, who had named Gaara after the
phrase "a self-loving carnage" (我を愛する修羅, Ware wo ai suru shura), a sign of her intense hatred
for Suna, not as love for her son. In the last ditch
effort to kill Gaara, Yashamaru detonated a
number of exploding tags covering his body, asking Gaara to "please die". Using his sand,
Gaara survived the blast, and lost the only person
he thought had cared for him. Gaara then used
his sand to etch the kanji for love (愛, ai) onto his forehead, indicating his first actual injury. Since
this incident, Gaara became an aloof and cruel
person who would kill anyone to prove his
existence and to obtain recognition from the
village, all the while forfeiting his desire for

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