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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Gaara is a very powerful shinobi, so much so that he was made Kazekage at the age of 15.[6] Even Deidara commented on his power after he captured him, after he himself lost an arm to Gaara's attacks.[7] Out of everyone of his generation, he had the greatest increase in rank.
Even though he had lost the Shukaku, he was still powerful enough to remain Kazekage. The type
of fighting style he uses is a stationary type, he rarely needs to move his entire body to attack an
opponent. He has also shown to be a skilled
teacher, teaching Matsuri how to use the jōhyō when he learned she was afraid of weapons. He
has also shown an affinity in the wind release.

As the host of Shukaku, Gaara possesses the
ability to manipulate sand, typically moving it
through the air to serve various purposes. The
amount of sand he can control at one time is
immense: in Part II he is able to gather enough
sand to shield the entire village of Sunagakure from Deidara's explosives, albeit at great physical exertion. If sand is lacking in abundance, Gaara
can break down the earth minerals in the ground
to create more sand. While he can control any dry
sand, ordinary sand requires more chakra to
manipulate, tiring him at a rapid rate. As a result,
Gaara keeps his own chakra-infused sand with him at all times, in a calabash gourd also made out of sand on his back. Because this sand is already infused with his chakra, Gaara has a
great deal more control over it, enabling stronger
and faster attacks with it. During battle, Gaara rarely moves, attacking with
his sand from a single location, and rarely using taijutsu. When first introduced, his basic means of attacks is to first use Sand Binding Coffin to capture, immobilize, and potentially suffocate an
opponent with sand. Once the opponent is
subdued, he uses Sand Waterfall Funeral to cause the sand to crush the opponent with varying
intensities. Though he comes up with other
means of attack throughout the series, the "catch
and crush" tactic remains at the centre of his fighting style. Gaara attempted to use it four times on Kimimaro but Kimimaro's sturdy bone
structure makes him a frustrating target. As the second element of his stationary combat
style, Gaara has a number of sand-based defences
to be used in case an opponent gets too close. His
primary defence is his Shield of Sand, an automatic sand shield that surrounds and
protects him from damage whether he wants it
to or not. Gaara can control the shield to some
degree, strengthening it to steel-like quality or
calling upon it to completely encase himself. While
an effective defence, the shield can be overcome with high speed attacks, or simply be broken
through with incredibly forceful strikes. Should
this happen, Gaara has a layer of sand covering
his body called the Armour of Sand. Although it's a useful secondary defence, the armour requires
large amounts of chakra to remain active, and
also has the side-effect of weighting Gaara down.
The defence offered by his sand is so powerful, it
has been named the "Absolute Defence" (絶対防御, Zettai Bōgyo).[8] In addition to these basic methods of offence and
defence, Gaara also has a number of
miscellaneous techniques that, while capable of
being used as attacks or defences of sorts, are
not limited to such purposes. By making a Sand Clone of himself, Gaara can have an ally to be used in battle, or as a mere distraction to be used
to buy him time. Unlike most other clone jutsu in
the series, the Sand Clone can retain its shape
after more than one attack, and can even reform
itself or capture an opponent upon being
dispersed. With Desert Suspension, Gaara can use sand as a platform, to allow himself and others to
float in the air. His Third Eye also allows him to create a floating eyeball of sand in any location,
which he can see through as a means of spying,
or to guide his attacks while completely enclosed
by his defences. He also claimed that he can ride
his sand to reach the Island Turtle, and would have been faster than if Ōnoki went there. His sand can also be used as sensing device: Gaara can detect when others step on it, even from far
away. Despite the removal of Shukaku, Gaara can still
use his sand like before. According to Sasuke at
the Kage Summit, Gaara's Absolute Defence is still
alive and well. Not only that, but the sand has
also massively improved in speed, defence, and
offence since last time. He could not only block the Raikage's power kick seconds before it touched Sasuke's Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi, but even block Amaterasu itself several times as well. It is unknown if his sand defence is still
automatic or requires his own will since
Shukaku's absence.

In desperate situations, Gaara was able to take
on the form of Shukaku by layering sand on his
body, making him many times more powerful
than he already is. Shukaku's personality grew
more dominant during this transformation,
increasing Gaara's homicidal tendencies. Once finished, Gaara assumed a human-sized version
of Shukaku, wherein he relied on his brute
strength to destroy everything around him. If need be, Gaara could almost instantly create a
life-sized version of Shukaku, should the human-
sized form fail. In this form, he remained deep
within the copy of Shukaku, safe from harm,
though unable to move. Gaara could also unleash
the spirit of Shukaku through his Feigning Sleep Technique, which forced him to sleep, allowing the Shukaku copy to operate at its full potential.
To do so, however, Gaara must emerge from
within the copy, leaving him open to attack for
the duration of the jutsu. In time, he began gaining better control over Shukaku, such that he could suppress its
personality by himself towards the end of the
anime's filler arcs. By the time Part II began, Gaara
was even capable of using Shukaku's arms to
attack numerous times, without losing control of
himself. Due to the removal of Shukaku, it is unclear
whether Gaara can still use Shukaku's arms or
any jutsu that involves its traits such as Ultimately Hard Absolute Defence: Shield of
Shukaku or Ultimately Hard Absolute Attack:spear of shukaku in combat.

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