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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


According to Jiraiya, Minato was one of the most
gifted shinobi who ever lived. Anko Mitarashi, in discussion with the Third Hokage about Orochimaru's immense strength and his threat to the village, stated that she wished the Fourth had
been alive to face him. During the Third Great Shinobi War, flee-on-sight orders were given to enemy ninjas should they ever see him appear
on the battlefield. Minato was also capable of
countering the Nine-Tails' attacks to the point Madara himself needed to step in to face him directly. After their battle, Madara commended
Minato and stated he was worthy of the title of the Fourth Hokage.[5] His abilities were so far advanced that even the Fourth Raikage, thought no one would be able to surpass him.[4] Like Tobirama Senju, Minato could also detect the presence of people within an area by simply placing his finger on the ground.

One of Minato's trademark attributes was his
immense speed and seemingly instantaneous
reflexes. As a testament to his speed, C compared Minato's reflexes to the Fourth Raikage's when he was using his Lightning Release Armour,[7] though the Raikage admitted that Minato was faster than he was.[8] Even without using his Flying Thunder God Technique, Minato was fast enough to catch an infant Naruto mid-fall to prevent him from being stabbed by Madara. [9] He could also respond to Madara's Space–Time Migration quickly enough to escape it.[10] When fighting, he often employed his unique kunai, wielding them proficiently and taking advantage
of their particular form, which made them even
more suitable for close range combat than
standard kunai.


Minato spent three years creating the Rasengan
by observing the Tailed Beast Ball. It is the highest level of shape transformation. The technique does not need hand signs, instead
using a concentration of spinning chakra in the
form of a sphere in the user's palm, which inflicts
immense damage to its target on contact. As its
creator, Minato had great mastery over the
Rasengan, able to form it with one hand and his standard version being slightly larger than the
Rasengan used by other characters. The lack of
elaborate preparations needed for the Rasengan
gave Minato an advantage over other jutsu users
in battle; in his fight with Madara, he is able to
form a Rasengan right after throwing a marked kunai at his opponent, allowing him to land a devastating blow at Madara immediately after
performing the Flying Thunder God Technique. He had intended to combine the Rasengan with his
own nature transformation, but the task was too difficult to complete before his untimely death.

Minato was famous for his unique space–time technique, the Flying Thunder God Technique, which essentially allowed him to teleport to any
location with the use of special seals. The jutsu
earned him the moniker of Konoha's "Yellow
Flash", due to the untraceable speed at which
Minato moved when using this technique. By
throwing kunai that had the seal attached to them behind enemy lines, Minato could wipe out an entire platoon in the blink of an eye.[11] Minato could teleport to his special kunai even as it travelled through the air.[12] He was also capable of applying the seal to solid surfaces with
his bare hand, allowing him to tag opponents
and give himself an easy way to track and reach them.[13] He also incorporated this seal formula into Kushina's seal so he could always come to
her aid.

For defensive use, Minato was capable of
implementing space–time barriers to counter large attacks such as a Tailed Beast Ball, sending the blast to a distant area away from the village. [14] He was also able to teleport the Nine-Tails, which required a large amount of his chakra due to the fox's immense size.

Minato was very knowledgeable in fūinjutsu, partially due to Kushina teaching him some of the Uzumaki clan's unique sealing techniques. He knew the full capabilities of the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and was aware that he could not completely seal all of the Nine-Tails' chakra within
himself. Minato could also remove an opponent's ability to use the Summoning Technique.

The greatest example of his prowess with
fūinjutsu is the seal used on Naruto, placing two Four Symbols Seal to create the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, which would allow small amounts of the Nine-Tails' chakra to leak out and naturally
mix with Naruto's own. Minato also sealed some
of Kushina's and his own chakra within Naruto
so that they could see him when he was older
and assist him in dealing with the beast.

In his youth, Jiraiya taught Minato how to use the Summoning Technique to summon toads. He had large chakra reserves as he was able to summon Gamabunta and was one of the few people that Gamabunta would willingly cooperate with. He
could use the Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique for a devastating surprise attack that could even pin powerful large targets like the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

Minato was shown to be very intuitive and
clever from a young age. Of the many ninja sent
out to save Kushina from her Kumogakure
kidnappers, Minato was the only one to notice
the trail of hair she was leaving. After seeing a
technique once, he could correctly deduce the basic mechanics behind it, such as the strengths
and weaknesses of Kakashi's Chidori. During difficult events, he was still capable of
maintaining his composure, assessing the
situation, and devising appropriate plans of

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