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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


As the Raikage of Kumogakure and Supreme Leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces, A is undoubtedly an extremely powerful shinobi, as
he was seemingly chosen as the Raikage at a
young age. His younger brother Killer B also
mentioned in his fight with Sasuke that, before
him, only A was able to deflect the Eight-Tails. Karin notes that his chakra level is comparable to that of a tailed beast.[8] A's signature fighting style is to combine his taijutsu and ninjutsu to form the powerful nintaijutsu, which was able to break through Sasuke's Amaterasu coated Susanoo bones. Taijutsu Edit A uses a 'power' type fighting style. He possesses a great deal of physical strength, as he
first appeared lifting a large amount of weight
with just one hand, and broke his desk with a
single punch. His strength is further displayed at
the Five Kage summit when he punched through
a wall, the floor, and even snapped Suigetsu's sword in two (although the sword already had a partial crack in it from Suigetsu's duel with Killer
B). A was also able to punch a hole in Jūgo's arm and chest with ease, despite the latter being
armoured with his Level 2 Cursed Seal form. He was also able to cut through one of the four
horns of Eight-Tails when it was being subdued thirty years prior with his physical strength and Lightning Release Armour. Despite his large physique, the Raikage is noted
for being very fast, grabbing Zetsu by the throat
before he had a chance to react. A has also
claimed that since the Fourth Hokage passed away, there is no shinobi that is faster than he is; [9] Tsunade was very surprised that Naruto was able to keep up with A's speed in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Befitting his appearance, the Raikage seems to prefer taijutsu combat, in
which he has shown tremendous prowess. In
addition to powerful punches, he is able to use
equally impressive throws and take-downs. He prefers using wrestling techniques to more
traditional forms of taijutsu. Naruto Uzumaki commented that, while blocking his punch in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, that his punch was immensely powerful and noted that if he wasn't
in this mode, he would have lost the match
instantly. A has shown to have an immense
tolerance for pain, as he was able to withstand
having his arm set on fire by Amaterasu and cutting it off without flinching.[10] Nature Transformation Edit On top of his physical capabilities, A is also skilled
in lightning-based jutsu, releasing a continuous
surge of electricity from his body forming the Lightning Release Armour. This electricity complements A's natural physical strength and
speed to the point where he claims not even the Sharingan should be able to keep up with his movements. This is due to electricity stimulating
his nervous system and speeding up his neural synapses, amplifying his reflexes. [11] Because of this, he is considered a master of nintaijutsu. While using this ability, he is able to dodge Jūgo's multiple chakra blast and Amaterasu, both at point blank range. His speed in this state is
greatly increased, to the point that it was
mentioned by C that the Raikage's nervous system and reaction speed are comparable to
that of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. The electricity can also work as a powerful
defence. By momentarily increasing the electrical
surge, A was able to deflect a strike from
Sasuke's Sword of Kusanagi: Chidori Katana from behind[12] and receive only a minor wound on his chest from a direct Chidori strike. While
combining his lightning power with the full force
of his chakra, just its sheer energy is strong
enough to demolish all matter around him. He has also shown the ability to focus lightning
chakra into a point sharp enough to neatly cut through human limbs.

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