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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


When Minato was in the Ninja Academy, his classmate and future wife Kushina Uzumaki thought he looked "flaky" and even "girly". He
dreamed of being acknowledged by the Konoha villagers by becoming Hokage, which Kushina considered to be an impossible dream for
someone like him. Years later however, when
Kushina was kidnapped by Kumogakure ninja, Minato was the only one to pick up on the fact
that she was leaving behind strands of her red
hair to mark their path. After rescuing her, Minato
explained that he had always admired her hair.
No longer seeing him as "flaky", she fell in love
with him.

According to those who knew him, Minato was a
very talented ninja, having been considered a
rare genius that appeared only once a
generation. He graduated from the Ninja
Academy at the age of ten, and was added to a genin team under the tutelage of Jiraiya. Jiraiya took a special interest in Minato, and accepted
him as an apprentice, amongst other things
teaching him the Summoning Technique. Jiraiya even believed Minato might be the Child of the Prophecy, someone who would someday save the world.

In time, Minato was
put in charge of a
genin team of his
own, consisting of Rin, Obito Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake. During the Third Shinobi World War , Minato led his team on a mission into Kusagakure to destroy the Kannabi Bridge. Because Kakashi had recently become a jōnin, Minato gave leadership of the mission to Kakashi while he
went to help Konoha's forces on the front lines.
After meeting up with the surviving and out-
numbered Konoha ninja, Minato used his Flying Thunder God Technique to destroy the opposing Iwagakure ninja. He then returned to his team, just in time to save Kakashi and Rin from another
group of Iwa forces; he was too late to save
Obito. When Kakashi and Rin recovered from the
ordeal, Minato helped them complete the mission.

When the war ended, Minato, not yet thirty years
of age, was chosen to become the Fourth Hokage.[2] At some point during his reign he read Jiraiya's first book. He liked the main character's determination, believing he was just
like Jiraiya. Since Kushina was pregnant with
their son, Minato informed Jiraiya that they
planned to name their son "Naruto" in the hopes that he would be just like the main character and,
in turn, Jiraiya. Jiraiya warned them that this
would make him Naruto's godfather, but they insisted that this was a good thing.

Because Kushina was the jinchūriki of the Nine- Tailed Demon Fox, special arrangements had to be made for Naruto's birth. Since the seal keeping
the Nine-Tails within her would weaken during
childbirth, Naruto would secretly be delivered in
a remote location outside Konoha. ANBU would guard the area and Minato would maintain the
seal while Kushina went into labour. Soon after
Naruto was born they were found by Madara Uchiha. Madara killed all of the ANBU and took Naruto hostage, threatening to do the same to
him. Minato was able to take Naruto back, but
this gave Madara the chance to escape with
Kushina. Minato found a safe place to put Naruto
and then teleported to Kushina. He arrived in time
to stop the Nine-Tails, having been removed from her body, from killing her, and teleported back to
Naruto. Minato reunited mother and son and then
went to help defend Konoha from the Nine-Tails.

Minato arrived in the early stages of the Nine-
Tails' attack. After protecting the village from its Tailed Beast Ball, Minato tried to reach the Third Hokage to inform him of what had happened. He was stopped by Madara, who tried to send him away. Minato escaped but was followed by Madara. When the two began fighting, Minato
struggled to hit Madara, Madara being intangible
whenever he was not currently attacking. By
carefully timing his Flying Thunder God
Technique, Minato was able to strike him during
one of these rare moments and apply a seal for the Flying Thunder God Technique to him,
allowing him to teleport to Madara whenever he
wanted. He placed a Contract Seal on Madara to remove the Nine-Tails from his control, forcing
Madara to flee.

When Minato returned to the village he found it
in ruin. He summoned Gamabunta to distract the Nine-Tails long enough to teleport it away from
the village to Naruto and Kushina's location.
Kushina restrained it and, dying from the trauma
of its removal, volunteered to have it sealed back
into her body so that it would die with her.
Distraught, Minato suggested instead using the Dead Demon Consuming Seal on the Nine-Tails to weaken it and then seal the rest into Naruto.
Kushina objected since this would mean Minato's
death and give Naruto a horrible, lonely life.
Minato insisted it was for the best since allowing
the Nine-Tails to resurrect itself, without a Jinchūriki to contain it, would inevitably cause harm to Konoha and the Fire Country. Also,
Minato was convinced that Naruto, the "Child of
the Prophecy" Jiraiya had once told him about,
would need the Nine-Tails' power to someday
defeat Madara. After Minato used the Dead Demon
Consuming Seal on it, the Nine-Tails realized their intentions and tried to kill Naruto, but Minato and
Kushina used their bodies to shield him.

While Kushina gave a few finals words to Naruto,
Minato summoned Gerotora, gave him the key to the seal he would use on Naruto, and sent him to
Jiraiya. After Kushina told Naruto how much his
parents loved him, Minato sealed the rest of her
chakra into Naruto so that she would be able to
see him again when he was older, ending her
life. He then sealed the Nine-Tails into Naruto. Since the Third Hokage had come to help, Minato
used his last moments to request that Konoha
think of Naruto as a hero, and not the container
of the monster that caused so much death and
destruction. Before he died he sealed his own
chakra into Naruto so that he could someday see Naruto again too, specifically if ever the seal was
about to break so that he could restore it. Also, at some point during his life, he clashed with A multiple times.

The Third Hokage did his best to look out for
Naruto but very few were willing to regard
Naruto as anything but the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki. The Third Hokage forbade anyone from speaking
of the Nine-Tails, hoping that those too young to
remember the Nine-Tails' attack would not hate
Naruto as the rest of the village had. He gave
Naruto his mother's surname so that his relation
to Minato would be kept a secret from Minato's enemies. He otherwise did his best to give Naruto
a comfortable life despite Naruto having no
parents and being made into an outcast by the
rest of the village. Naruto would never be told his
parents' identities, and neither would most of

With Minato's death, the Third was forced to
resume his position as Hokage, a role he filled
until his death, never being able to find a
replacement of Minato's calibre. Minato himself
became regarded as the village's hero and,
indeed, one of the greatest ninja Konoha had ever produced, so much so that villagers would
regret his death whenever tragedy struck the
village. Because Minato was never able to tell
anyone what happened during the Nine-Tails'
attack, villagers were forced to make their own
explanations. Jiraiya recognized that Minato would not have sealed the Nine-Tails into his
own son unless he had a good reason and that
Minato intended Naruto to gain control of the
Nine-Tails, but could never satisfactorily explain

Although Naruto had no idea about his relation
with Minato most of his life, he appeared to
greatly admire the Fourth Hokage, considering
him a hero who gave his life for the village,
showing anger when Tsunade spoke ill of him
and becoming overjoyed whenever Jiraiya or Kakashi mentioned his resemblance with Minato.
Before Naruto left Konoha to begin his training
with Jiraiya, he looked at the Fourth Hokage's
carved head and asked him to look after him.
After learning the truth about his relation to
Minato and despite the shock that his own father made him a jinchūriki, Naruto was proud to be the Fourth Hokage's son.

Years after his death, Killer B was surprised when
he learned Minato created a technique similar to
the Tailed Beast Ball, the Rasengan.

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