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Monday, June 13, 2011

Baca Manhwa The Breaker New Waves Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru Online

Baca Manhwa The Breaker New Waves Komik Manga Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru Online - The Breaker: New Waves Summary / Preview - No longer a member of the martial arts world Murim, Yi Shioon should be left to return to normal life, but he was given the medal of Sosul that name him as the new leader of the clan Woo Sun. The Sun Woo Kwon Jinie send clan elders as protection for Shioon, and to make him accept the position of head of the clan so that they can make their puppets. Yi Shioon: boys weak coward who constantly harassed, one day she met her new teacher (Han Chun Woo) uses martial arts to defend himself. Shioon begs him to teach him after a few examples, in which the boy showed he has a heart of a coward and will fight with all his might he be a student Chun. Han Chun Woo: A member of the secret world of martial arts Murim and new school teacher Yi Shioon's. At first he opposed the training of Yi but the boy reminded him of himself by mastering the martial arts. Finally, he caves and became a teacher Shioon and trains him and not only in martial arts. You can choose the chapter of manga the breaker new waves on the links below, enjoy read manga online the breaker new waves on this blog of baca manga online.

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