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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Manga Naruto Chapter 541

This is a review from Manga Naruto Chapter 541, well just read it by yourself!
Raikage says he's not going to let Naruto and Bee go further. Naruto tried to escape, but he tapped Raikage. A state that he was willing even to kill Naruto to stop the plan from coming to fruition Madara and Naruto attack. His attack was stopped by the Bee. An angry telling them that they jinchūriki and can not act alone. Bee denies this and tells A that although he is part of the system that the individual from himself to have confidence that he will not give up. Bee then bump fists with A and she remembers when Bee was chosen to be partners and brothers. that's a little review from this chapter 541 of Manga Naruto Series, please enjoy latest manga chapter 542 on blog komikfox.

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