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Friday, June 10, 2011



Ichigo looks like a normal teenage boy; the one
exception to that is his spiky orange hair, a trait
that he has been ridiculed about for years. He is
a fairly tall, lean-built person with peach skin
and brown eyes.

Since becoming a Shinigami
he has become noticeably more muscular, as noted by his sister Karin. When in his spiritual
form, Ichigo wears standard Shinigami attire
with the addition of a strap across his chest.
Initially it was a thick brown belt to hold his Zanpakutō sheathe,[3] but it later became a red rosary-like strap. The shape of them is a kite with a flat top and bottom.[4] Ichigo's appearance has caused several people,
including Jūshirō Ukitake, to notice a similarity to Kaien Shiba; the former lieutenant of the 13th Division.[5] After training in the Dangai, Ichigo's hair grows considerably and is noticeably taller, as stated by his friends.[6] However, after Ichigo loses all his spiritual powers, his
appearance reverts to the way it before his Dangai training.


When he was young, Ichigo considered his mother to be the center of his world.[8] Ichigo always smiled whenever he was with Masaki
and he was regularly at her side, holding her
hand. Despite crying whenever he lost in a
match at the dojo he attended, Ichigo started to smile again as soon as he saw Masaki when she came to pick him up.[9] At a very young age, Ichigo heard his father saying that his
name means "to protect one thing", which
instilled in him a desire to protect his mother.
When his sisters were born he began attending
a dojo for the sake of protecting them, since
then the number of people he wished to protect has continued to grow,[10] causing Ichigo to risk his life to protect both his family and strangers.

As a Human teenager, Ichigo's personality is
much more complex. Stubborn, short-tempered,
strong-willed and impulsive, he attempts to
maintain a detached and "cool" image, despite
claiming not to care about what other people
think about him. He generally keeps his face set in a permanent scowl, with his eyebrows drawn together.[13] His outspoken, hot-headed demeanor is a trait Ichigo himself
acknowledged, and that if somebody picks a
fight with him, he cannot help fighting back. He coldly refers to his teachers as “instructors”.[14] He is shown to be genuinely compassionate
and empathetic about others, as seen by him promising to bring a Plus flowers and a toy plane or soothing others when they become upset.[17] Ichigo is also a capable student, ranked 23rd in his high school.[18] He studies regularly and does not neglect his schoolwork, claiming
that he has "nothing better to do at home",
though he actually works as hard as he does
simply to overcome the misconceptions many
have about him, which are based on his hair color and fighting.[19] Ichigo hates fortune telling, horoscopes, feng shui, psychics and
anyone whose trade involves taking money from people for things that they cannot see.[20] He has difficulty remembering people's faces and names. Ichigo becomes extremely shy and uncomfortable around nude or immodestly
dressed women, a fact both Rangiku Matsumoto and Yoruichi Shihōin have teased him for.[23] Ichigo has some trouble with authority and
traditional respect, often quite rude and
disrespectful when talking to those older than
himself, calling Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto "gramps" and referring to several of the Shinigami captains by their given names.

When it comes to fighting, Ichigo has a complex
sense of honor; he regularly seeks to exact
revenge for the actions of his opponent, such as
instilling the fear of being murdered in Shrieker [25] and cutting off the right arm of Yammy Llargo in retaliation for him ripping Yasutora Sado's right arm apart.[26] He would often taunt and belittle his opponents when fighting, sometimes even attacking without warning. [27] Ichigo has a strong desire to win his fights[28] and to win them in what he views as a
legitimate manner. To this end, he has refused the
aid of his inner Hollow, even when knowing that it would allow him to win. [29] Similarly, after regaining control of his body, he tells Ulquiorra to
cut off his limbs so that they may have a fair fight [30] and refuses to kill him when he is dying; saying that it was not the way he wanted to win.

Ichigo has even shown that he despises those
who mistreat their allies in any way, even if they
are his own enemies. He is disgusted when an
individual berates his/her own allies, such as
when Yammy calls Ulquiorra Cifer, Nnoitra Gilga, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez "trash".[32]. He also expresses anger towards those who go as far as
attacking their own allies, expressing that he
cannot forgive those who murder their own comrades.[33] Despite Ichigo's strong sense of honor, his will to
win can waiver at times, which directly affects
his overall energy levels and fighting abilities. His
absolute resolve is depicted by his eyes glowing
bright blue and his body being engulfed in a
bright blue aura. The same is included with his Hollow powers, in which his eyes glow yellow
and his aura turns black. Ichigo’s abilities at their peak allow him to hold his own, if not contend,
against the toughest opponents. His will to
protect his friends is shown to be so great that,
even when battle-worn, he can fight at
deceptively high levels, as seen when he

spiritual energy and fighting prowess, shown
when he goes into a state of depression and self-
loathing when he loses a major battle or lets a
friend down; after losing his fight against Yammy
and Ulquiorra, thanks to the crippling fear of his inner Hollow, Ichigo's will became so weak, he was unable to even defeat a weak Hollow until Rukia helped restore his resolve.

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