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Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Hashirama Senju was considered by both Madara Uchiha and several Konoha Jōnin as the most powerful ninja of his time. He was greatly
respected by every shinobi during his life, such
that Madara claimed Hashirama was the one
person whom he respected the most as well as
detested. He knew how to perform a great
number of jutsu, and was otherwise knowledgeable of those he could not, as
indicated by creating the Scroll of Seals and his familiarity with Summoning: Impure World Resurrection. In the manga he uses a genjutsu against Hiruzen that covers the area in darkness.
However, in the anime, it was shown that his
brother Tobirama Senju used this genjutsu
instead. During his battle with Madara, Hashirama
is seen with a variety of weapons that he
summoned from a large scroll.

His prowess and abilities were so great that he
was able to not only fight on equal footing with
Madara despite the power of his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and having the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox at his side, but also survive the battle and gain victory in the end. The injuries which he
caused to Madara were so great that even
decades later they still affect him tremendously.

He was most famous for his Wood Release jutsu, a kekkei genkai to mix earth and water-natured chakra to create this new element. By converting chakra into the source of life, he was able to
create trees, causing them to grow to great sizes
and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle
uses at will. It was said that this ability was used
to create the very landscape and foundation that
Konoha is built on. This ability was apparently unique for him, since none of his relatives were
shown using the ability. Even Yamato, the only
person to have proved compatible with
Hashirama's genes, found his use of Wood
Release to be much weaker in raw power.
Yamato has also shown great skill in standard water and earth techniques, so it is presumed
Hashirama could do water and earth techniques
as well.

The ability Orochimaru most highly praised him
for was his unique ability to control tailed beasts.
Of all his considerable talents, it was this ability in
particular that made Hashirama unparalleled in
the shinobi world, so much so that he is regarded
as one of the few people capable of completely controlling a tailed beast.[3] At one time, he had many of the beasts in his possession. This ability was greatly amplified by his crystal necklace, which Yamato suggested was a requirement to
control even Naruto's partial lapses into tailed forms.

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