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Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Hashirama was originally the leader of the Senju clan. Under his leadership the Senju clan came to be regarded as one of the two most powerful
clans in the world, rivalling the renowned battle-
oriented Uchiha clan. Because of this, when someone hired the Senju clan, the opposing side
would hire the Uchiha clan and vice-versa,
causing frequent battles between the two.
Eventually growing tired of the constant fighting,
Hashirama and his clan approached the Uchiha
and offered a truce with them. Allied with Madara and his clan, the two groups founded Konohagakure.

When deciding who should become the leader of
Konoha, the villagers selected Hashirama over
Madara for the title of First Hokage. Fearing that
Hashirama would oppress the Uchiha, Madara left
the village, and challenged Hashirama's rule. After
an intense battle that included the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Hashirama defeated Madara; and Hashirama's wife Mito became the Nine-Tails' first jinchūriki by sealing it within herself. [2] In the aftermath of their battle, Madara was believed to
have been killed, and the Valley of the End was created. Madara would later state that he fought
that battle in order to obtain Hashirama's abilities.
To commemorate the battle, two statues, of
Madara and Hashirama, were carved into the
earth surrounding the valley.

During his time as Hokage, Hashirama came into
possession of a scroll filled with kinjutsu, which he sealed away in order to keep the jutsu within
a secret. He also defeated Kakuzu, who had been sent to assassinate him by Takigakure. At some point, Hashirama gained control of several tailed beasts. He spread these beasts to other, newly- formed villages in an attempt to maintain peace
and equalize the powers between the nations,
but it did not stop the outbreak of the First Shinobi World War . Thinking about the future of Konoha, he and his younger brother, Tobirama
Senju, trained the young Hiruzen Sarutobi. Hashirama died shortly after the founding of
Konoha, but not before passing on the title of
Hokage to Tobirama.

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