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Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Piece 26: A Calculation By Captain Kuro

Baca Komik Manga One Piece chapter terbaru / new episode One Piece 26 : A Calculation By Captain Kuro Bahasa Indonesia online gratis, download komik one piece chapter awal, pertama mulai dari pertama. So, brave souls sailed the Grand Line in search of their dreams. The Great Age of Pirates had begun. This is a pirate adventure like no other you've ever seen. Now, Monkey D. Luffy has been set on his own grand adventure. The goal, to fulfill the promise made ​​to his idol, the pirate Shanks, to seek the Grand Line and find the treasure of King Pirate's: One Piece. He is blessed and cursed by the Gum Gum fruit to eat, known around the sea as the "Devil's Fruit". Although it can not swim, his body is now able to stretch like rubber. With his new power and crew of the Going Merry at his side (Zolo famous pirate hunter, sly pirate thief Nami, compulsive liar Usopp, and politely but kicked the cook Sanji), Monkey sets out to follow the wake of big pirates and write his own name on the page -page history.

One Piece 26 page 01

One Piece 26 page 02

One Piece 26 page 03

One Piece 26 page 04

One Piece 26 page 05

One Piece 26 page 06

One Piece 26 page 07

One Piece 26 page 08

One Piece 26 page 09

One Piece 26 page 10

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