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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Naruto 438 : Menghancurkan Segel Bahasa Indonesia

Read Manga Komik Naruto Chapter 438 Bahasa Indonesia Naruto 438 : Breaking the Seal, I'm looking forward to seeing the re-emergence of Kabuto, too. I think he's a very interesting character. Of course, with Kabuto comes the lovely Orochimaru, Naruto 438 : Breaking the Seal whom we all love and adore. If Orochimaru has taken more control over Kabuto's body (which Hinata seemed to suggest might happen a long while back), Naruto 438 : Breaking the Seal then having Anko (what a pleasure to see her!) on the team may make for an interesting showdown... Naruto 438 : Breaking the Seal Bahasa Indonesia

Naruto page 01

Manga Naruto page 02

Naruto page 03

Komik Naruto page 04

Naruto page 05

Manga Naruto page 06

Naruto page 07

Komik Naruto page 08

Naruto page 09

Manga Naruto page 10

Naruto page 11

Komik Naruto page 12

Naruto page 13

Manga Naruto page 14

Naruto page 15

Enjoy Manga Naruto 438 Bahasa Indonesia, Next Naruto 439: Chibaku Tensei

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