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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Freezing Indonesia - Baca Komik Freezing

Baca Komik Manga Freezing Bahasa Indonesia - Manga Freezing summary/preview: Situated in a slightly futuristic world, the Earth has been attacked and the war with aliens from another dimension called Nova. In order to fight them, Pandoras and Limiters, genetically modified girl with super fighting skills and their male partners who use a special "frozen" the power to restrict the mobility of their opponents, who are made to fight against Nova. The series focuses on Kazuya Aoi, a limiter that late sister is Pandora, and Satellizer el Bridget, Pandora strong with a cool personality, whether registered at the Academy of the West Genetics, one of the academy where the Pandoras and Limiters trained. Despite the warnings from all his friends about Satellizer, which has aphephobia intense, Kazuya decides to become his friend and Limiter. The story follows the friendship Kazuya with Satellizer, Academy students and the earth war against Nova. Freezing Main characters: Kazuya Aoi, Satellizer el Bridget (サテライザー エル ブリジット, Sateraizā Eru Burijitto), Lana Linchen (ラナ リンチェン, Rana Rinchen), Ganessa Roland (ガネッサ ローランド, Ganessa Rōrando), Arthur Crypton (アーサー クリップトン, Āsā Kuripputon), Kaho Hiiragi (ヒイラギ カホ, Hiiragi Kaho), Audrey Duval (オードリー デュバル, Ōdorī Dyubaru), Tris McKenzie (トリス マッケンジー, Torisu Makkenjī), Aika Takeuchi (タケウチ アイカ, Takeuchi Aiki), etc. Unfortunately, Komik Freezing Bahasa Indonesia still does'nt available on indonesian version in this blog komik fox manga online viewer, but you can choose another popular manga series to reading online:

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