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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Naruto 437 : Pengakuan Bahasa Indonesia

Baca Manga Komik Naruto 437 : Confession Bahasa Indonesia Well sorry for the people waiting but I've a lot of things happened, one of which is my computer exploded a few weeks ago, so this is my first review here hehe new computer (how interesting lol). Also I ran the test again pretending to be just busy with work and revision, so I have decided to take my school work more seriously: P. Good enough reason when I review this chapter and wow is a great chapter. A string of big chapter that was released has actually changed the result of this fight than what I expected. Well without further introduction here is my naruto chapter 437 reviews hope you guys. Enjoy Read Online Naruto 437 : Confession Indonesia!!

Naruto page 1

Naruto page 2

Naruto page 3

Naruto page 4

Naruto page 5

Naruto page 6

Naruto page 7

Naruto page 8

Naruto page 9

Naruto page 10

Naruto page 11

Naruto page 12

Naruto page 13

Naruto page 14

Naruto page 15

Naruto page 16

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